Case Studies


Solving tough problems through data science and machine learning.


Optimising the Recruitment Process with an Intelligent Conversational Interface

We developed a conversational interface that assists recruiters in finding suitable candidates. We leveraged advancements in NLP & pattern discovery to produce a highly responsive chatbot that reflects brand personality, and saves time by automating lengthy processes.

Sector: Entertainment

Improving Customer Retention with Churn Prediction:

We developed a Machine Learning model that predicts the churn of new and old users within a3 week timeframe for a sports betting company. Our solution also identifies customers who would most likely benefit from special offers and bonuses for retention strategies.

Understanding Customer Feedback with Advanced Sentiment Analysis

We implemented a bespoke NLP solution that better analyses customer feedback online. Utilising breakthroughs in advanced sentiment analysis, our solution makes sense of nuanced discussions online, and collates and classifies all of this information quickly and efficiently.

Reaching Key Customer Segments through Targeted Advertisements

We significantly reduced marketing expenditure through better targeted advertisements. Our solution effectively segments key audiences, and places dynamic ads in the right places to reach key demographics.

Improving a Graphic Editor through Complex Plugins

We invented unique algorithms for artistic image processing that allows for greater and more unique effects within a graphic design editing suite.

Sector: Retail & E-Commerce

Accurately Forecasting Sales with Data Visualisation

We usedData Mining and visualisation to help a large sweets manufacturer to make sense of the hidden data at their disposal. We also developed a Machine Learning model that predicts sales, analyses monthly figures, and clearly translates these statistics within the organisation.  

Deeper Security Video Analysis through Advanced Computer Vision

We created a solution using video segmentation, advanced computer vision and real-time processing for tracking, recognition and anomaly detection of surveillance footage.

Sector: Financial Services

Handling Loan Claims through a Virtual Assistant

We assisted an online lending portal with an intelligent interface that reduces processing errors through a clearer submission process, allows for seamless verification of documents with image processing, and continuously collects insights from customer engagements.

Processing Insurance Requests with an Intelligent Chatbot

We created a virtual assistant that comfortably guides customers with filing insurance claims, recommends useful offerings based on their preferences, and significantly speeds up the time employees spend dealing with potential clients.

Dynamically Settling Insurance Claims through Real-Time Prediction Models

We created advanced Machine Learning models that determines the different factors influencing claim amounts, applies this towards new claims in real-time, and assists the underwriting process.

Sector: Marketing

Gathering New Insights from Intelligent Social Media Integration

We implemented a solution that downloads all publically available data from social networks, and applies predictive analytics to assess gender, age, location and interests amongst key segments of social media users.

Sector: Business Management

Gaining Employee Insights with Descriptive Data Mining

We assisted a management consultancy through developing models that determines the different factors influencing their clients salaries using payroll information, and predicts employee attrition rates and factors influencing staff turnover.

Sector: Medical Services

Quicker and Accurate Medical Image Processing through Neural Networks

Our solution allowed for quicker sample processing and increased the accuracy of disease prediction. Our automated approach reduced the time required to process x-ray samples from days to seconds.

Sector: Food & Agriculture

Automating Tasks to Improve Agricultural Quality Checks

We implemented new algorithms that accelerates quality control processes for agricultural producers, through automating key tasks that previously required manual control.


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