Case Study

Advanced chatbot for hiring new talent

The Client

A B2B recruitment agency based in London.

The Challenges

  • To make the recruitment process more efficient: Internal CV databases are large (10k+ CVs). Recruiters lack the time and attention span to go through thousands of CVs to find the best match for a role. 

  • To remove the selection bias, more noticeable in the earlier stages of the recruitment process.

  • To eliminate the need for complex searches and the lengthy process of rifling through filters to find perfect candidates.

The Solutions

  • Used advanced Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to train the bot to create rich candidate profiles.

  • Used text mining and pattern discovery to learn recruiter preferences for ideal candidates, and installed a Recommendation Engine to suggest the top candidates for a specific job search in seconds.

  • Implemented entity extraction and intent recognition techniques to develop the chat interface.

The Results

  • The unsupervised model resulted in a continuous decrease in time spent on shortlisting candidates.

  • The conversational interface enabled plain-spoken, human responses when interacting with recruiters.

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