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Who owns the work?

Customer owns all work related to a project and retain all rights to any data shared for the project, including any transformed state that it might exist in. We do that by strictly encapsulating workspace for each project.

Whom do we use as our Infrastructure partner?

We have a rapid development environment setup on AWS hosting services that we use for customer projects during the MVP and prototype stages. We happily support onsite hosting and integration as well.

Do you ever mix customer data sets?


What business areas do you specialise in?

We work across verticals and very interested in specific type of problems that can be solved using AI and machine learning, irrespective of the nature of the business.

Some common problems that usually initiate a typical client engagement are:

How do I grow my customers
How can I optimise customer acquisition costs
How do I retain customers
How can I increase customer lifetime value
How can I help my team to deliver an exceptional customer experience

We are passionate about the practical applications of AI and work with our clients to address such problems.

What’s a typical engagement model?

We work using a very iterative, risk mitigating methodology.

The first step is to always have a simple conversation and explore mutual relevance. It’s not recommended to work together when we don’t think we can be successful. It’s very crucial for us to understand your goals and for you to understand our process, nevertheless we both need to openly discuss the perceived challenges that can hinder the success of the project. We only want to engage when we see synergies and can contemplate ourselves adding value to your investments. If we decide to work together, next step is a Solution Sprint.

Solution sprint is a 1-2 week paid engagement. We start analysing a sample of your data refine your desired business metrics. We develop a roadmap for building a MVP to validate the business assumptions and a roadmap for project as it evolves in the solution sprint. The outcome of the solution sprint is to produce enough objective data to help stakeholders decide next steps.

If we proceed further, the next step is to progress the MVP into an iterative development process. Each iteration is aimed to produce a prototype that reduces risk and demonstrates progress. We collaborate with business stakeholders on weekly basis and decide the deployment schedule. If a prototype qualifies for the production environment, we seamlessly merge it into the production environment. We continue to optimise what’s been already made live in the dev environment.

How much does this cost?

All our work is bespoke to your business needs. We engage purely on T&M basis. Our contracts are not binding, and intentions are very clear - to add more value to your business than what our services cost.

Collaboration is everything. We believe in a partnership model, where we work closely with your time, on your premises, level thoroughly with your business goals and deliver desired results.

The costs vary project to project, but our engagement model accommodates complete flexibility. Consider us as an extended part of your own team, we just happen to be super-passionate about the endless possibilities of AI.