Data Sourcing
& Preparation

Our team of experts get their hands dirty with data in order to better understand your intentions about the potential patterns.

It helps us understand where the data exists in the organisation and how accessible it is. Many times data is spread out and needs to be accumulated at one location. Our goal is to formulate a single dataset snapshot required to perform an in-depth analysis. The ultimate goal is to produce a feasible data model with a defined range of accuracy.In some instances, we help our clients formulate strategies for accumulating relevant datasets by collaboration with external authorities, or making subtle changes in their internal data collection systems. This will produce a highly relevant model for designing and developing new data collection interfaces, in order to rapidly advance the specific business case.

Models &

Our team will develop effective hypotheses for your target business problems.

Using these we are able to begin producing efficient Machine Learning and AI algorithms to explore their validity using sample data. This will give you an extremely good understanding of how each of the different models work, and the results we demonstrate will allow you to effectively forecast their impact. This will allow you to choose the perfect models for your business aims, and begin planning for the insights you will receive.


We progress the MVP into an actual development process, deploying a highly specified model to achieve your business aims.

Our Agile iterative approach allows us to rapidly build and measure effectiveness as we release subsequent versions. Each iteration is aimed to produce a prototype that reduces risk and demonstrates progress. We collaborate with you on a weekly basis and decide the deployment schedule.This is when you will really start seeing new insights, and can start to develop actionable strategies from the fully working models at your disposal.


Our team will be a great addition to your business!

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