3 ways AI can make your dates more successful

AI solutions can help your business immensely, but maybe it can help you get down to business too. 

1.) Picking the right partner 

Most of the time, it’s not the choice of music or picking the terrible restaurant that ends up being the problem, rather it is the choice of partner. 

Let AI filter through those potential mates, by judging your preferences and previous relationships it can pick the ideal person who you can get compatible with and feel those soulful synergies. 

With popular dating apps like Tinder already committing their futures to AI this could certainly be a way of finding "the one".

2.) Saying the right things 

How many times have you been on a date and you just can’t seem to get the right words out? 

You splutter and spit out your dinner and you end up falling back on robotic phrases that never seem to work. 

Well how about letting an actual robot do that for you? With realistic tools like Google Duplex they can not only have perfect human delivery, but can find the right words at the right times, so you don’t ruin it with your overanxious rambling and sweaty palms. 

3.) Getting to the house quicker 

Ummmm ever heard of driverless cars? Every second not spent trying to keep that death machine from crashing is more time you can spend on your beloved. 

Let the machine take control of the road, whilst you take control of your love life. 

There you have it, change your dates for the better with a blend of machinery and learning. 

There are of course other ways robots can help with practice etc.., but it’s probably better if we don’t get into that… 

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