5 steps to expect in a typical Machine Learning journey

Machine Learning is a powerful tool that can deliver unparalleled insights for your business. That being said, it is important to have a strong idea of how you can navigate this process in the least risk averse way possible for your company.

1.) It all starts with a conversation 

As much as we all want to get stuck in, often the best approach is simply to have a conversation and understand how Machine Learning solutions can fit your organisational aims. 

This is really a chance to get a mutual feel for each other, and for you to understand whether or not your consultant truly understands your business aims and can envision a concrete way of achieving this through AI or Machine Learning.

2.) Developing a clear roadmap for success 

Prior to rushing into anything it is extremely important to define and refine your strategies.

At SKAI we distinguish ourselves by offering you value before even deploying any actual Machine Learning solutions. Our Machine Learning consultants work closely with your team to understand what can be achieved with the data you have, and to outline how Machine Learning can be employed to add value in key areas for your organisation. 

This process will leave you with a clear set of strategies, and a concrete roadmap for you to understand how to better leverage your data to make meaningful insights. 

3.) Understanding the data 

You are finally ready to dive into the data. This is where our Machine Learning experts can have some fun understanding the quality of data at your disposal. 

This involves a thorough process of data collection and analysis, and will give a clear idea of how this can be used to deliver tangible results that will achieve your key business aims. 

Good data is the key to a good project, and for organisations that require more we are able to formulate data collection strategies that can help you acquire the exact calibre of data necessary to achieve invaluable insights.

4.) Designing and deploying Machine Learning models 

Finally the machines become the star of the show. Once you have outlined all the objectives and how to use the data, you can actually begin deploying working models. Our Machine Learning consultants will also continuously perform health checks on the models, and ensure that all is running smoothly.

Depending on the scale of the project you will start seeing results relatively quickly, and can consistently monitor and check that all is going as planned, and make minor adjustments to the models to optimise performance. 

5.) Managing the system 

The beauty of Machine Learning models is that a one-time project can continue to deliver unparalleled insights, which only get stronger and stronger as the data keeps coming in. 

You may prefer your Machine Learning consultant to work behind the scenes to ensure that all is running smoothly, and can even refine and improve the models based on incoming data and other strategic business decisions. 

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