Breakdown of the UK’s new AI Sector Deal for businesses

The UK government have recently published their AI Sector Deal, highlighting some key areas they plan to focus on when dealing with the emergence and incorporation of AI within the country. 

Within it they have highlighted four grand challenges related to AI.

The Four Grand Challenges
  • AI and Data Economy - We will put the UK at the forefront of the artificial intelligence and data revolution
  • Future of Mobility - We will become a world leader in the way people, goods and services move
  • Clean Growth - We will maximise the advantages for UK industry from the global shift to clean growth
  • Ageing Society - We will harness the power of innovation to help meet the needs of an ageing society

How will AI businesses be affected?

In a bid to do this the government has focused it’s effort on four main areas. Ideas, People, Business and Places. 

So how exactly will each of these areas affect businesses in the AI industry? Here are some key takeaways:

Infographic of UK AI Sector deal for businesses

A bright future for AI in the UK 

The government is committed to helping our AI businesses succeed globally. It will increase its promotion of UK AI businesses through trade missions and take steps to attract AI entrepreneurs to the UK. It will look to increase its focus on attracting AI and data-led businesses to establish headquarters in the UK. And, as part of the government’s broader commitment to increasing investment and exports, AI will benefit from the nine new Trade Commissioners responsible for leading export promotion, inward and outward direct investment, and trade policy overseas. 

The AI sector deal appears to be a very clear statement by the UK government regarding it's faith in these emerging technologies to drive future growth in the country. It represents an exciting time for the industry, not only in terms of investments that can directly impact businesses, but also in direct policies that will grow innovation and increase the level of industry exposure for budding new talent in this area.

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