Bespoke Development

Our Machine Learning consultants design, develop and deploy tailor-made solutions that help your business get ahead of the game.We work closely with you to develop customised models around your specific business needs. These specified models allow you to outperform off-the-shelf solutions in performance, accuracy, cost and time to market.

Sentiment Analysis

Machine Learning can give you more nuanced insights about sentiment than ever before. Context and semantics change dramatically with the tone and style of language used. More generic solutions are trained for general text, and tend to fail in more specialised areas. Our Machine Learning models are fully customisable so they can accurately analyse your documents, regardless of how unique the language may be.

Churn Prediction

Machine Learning gives you deeper insights into customer behaviours than ever before. This is fundamental in helping you predict which customers are likely to churn, so that you can intervene before it's too late. Through identifying the specific factors causing customers to churn, you can also produce more tailored approaches for retaining key customer segments. Our Machine Learning and Data Science consultants can develop models that look into a range of data streams and identify within weeks whether a given customer is likely to churn over the coming months.

Video Segmentation

There is often not enough manpower to be able to analyse all the visual content that your business is gathering. Timely processing of this is becoming increasingly critical in extracting valuable information whilst your data is fresh. Our team of Machine Learning experts are able to seamlessly integrate real time video processing models into production environments and demonstrate results within a matter of weeks.


Conversational interfaces have become pivotal for applications like customer support, recommendations and targeted marketing. More and more businesses are opting for conversational interfaces to make it easier for their customers to communicate with them as naturally and organically as they do within their own social groups. Conversational Intelligence could enable your business to leverage new means of communication and to reliably automate existing processes without sacrificing on a great customer experience.


Recent advancements in Deep Learning allow us to identify any unusual patterns in your data. Previous methods of knowledge based detection are prone to significant losses in error. Our Data Science consultants will work closely with you to avoid any of these potential pitfalls, and to create a roadmap for increasing the effectiveness of your digital business initiatives.


Implementing recommendation systems can enrich your customer experience and increase user interaction.Recommendation engines allow your business to continuously learn and adapt to individual user preferences, increasing customer engagement and retention.Machine Learning models can also continuously increase overall cart value through a number of methods, including suggesting targeted products in real-time that better match individual preferences.

Data Sourcing &

Machine Learning projects often begin with the collection of high volumes of data from a variety of sources such as ERPs, mainframes, IoTs or live feeds. Our Data Science consultants ensure that adequate Data Engineering techniques are applied to your projects. Guaranteeing a reliable, timely, and effective approach for future Machine Learning projects.

Natural Language

Off the shelf APIs for NLP are not effective enough in reflecting your brand adequately. Our team of Machine Learning experts understand how to develop interfaces that effectively complement the overall personality and messaging of your organisation. We can help your business with a number of NLP projects. Examples include digital virtual agents, chatbots, NLG (Natural Language Generation), roboadvisors, automated customer service agents and much more.

Intelligent Social
Media Data

There is a wealth of information available to companies across social media platforms, and Intelligent Social Media Integration can help you turn this data into actionable insights. By blending automation and expertise, our Machine Learning team can help your business leverage Social Media data from platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Instagram.


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